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Ductless Hump – Ductless Vancouver, WA

Are your energy bills skyrocketing?

You don’t have to suffer through another season! At Revival Ductless, we don’t settle for ordinary home comfort, and neither should you.
If you live in Vancouver WA and would like to experience the ultimate in home comfort choosing a ductless heat pump could be your best bet.

Why Ductless?
Ductless heat pump owners have the highest level of satisfaction when compared to any other home heating and cooling system. Homeowners report substantial savings on their utility bill and increased home comfort room to room.

Which unit is right for you?
Don’t worry. Your house will tell us! Our step by step process is thorough and accurate.

We can just provide you with a basic estimate, or we can provide a complimentary sizing and also savings predictions to make sure that you have the most accurate and complete information to make the best decision for your home.



Step 1: We Evaluate Your Needs.
We won’t waste your time OR money, period.

In addition to utilizing thermal infrared cameras and cutting edge energy modeling software, we’ll perform laser precise room-to-room measurements (using Manual J load calculation software) to size the unit using the most accurate methods possible. This will guarantee you comfort and is the key to a reliable an durable system.

Energy Loss in your Home

Step 2: Identify Power And Placement
With our sophisticated equipment, we will not only show you how much heating and cooling the whole house needs but we can break down each area to design each head properly. We can also show you any impact that adding insulation or sealing the home will do to reduce the overall heating and cooling need.

Energy Savings Calibration

Step 3: We Recommend
After our precise calculations and design, we’ll match your home to the right ductless system. Whether it’s a single, dual, or multi-zone system, it will be the PERFECT FIT – guaranteed!

We Get The Big Picture
A national survey determined that over half of all HVAC contractors DO NOT Size heating and cooling systems correctly! Homeowners should insist on a correct system sizing calculation before signing a contract. Never use any of these methods to determine final size:

  • Contractor recommends existing size
  • Contractor bases size on square footage.

As a top-tier Energy Trust Of Oregon home performance company, Master installer through the NW Ductless Heat pump Project, and Clark County Master Installer, we focus on efficiency, comfort and home health. Our main goal however is to install systems that are durable and reliable. This we have found is achieved by accurate design matched with a high quality.

We aren’t a one-hit wonder, over-selling you one thing. We’re selling big picture results. In order to get the most reliable and durable equipment, you need the right assessment.

Get The Estimate You Want

  • Only have time for a quick estimate? No problem! Give us a ½ hour to take a look.
  • Want a comprehensive Heating and Cooling Load Calculation? You got it. Allow an hour for us to test your home.
  • Ready for a whole house assessment with energy savings predictions? Great! You’ll get the most accurate estimate that is tailor fitted to YOU.

Home Comfort, Guaranteed.
Don’t just take our word for it! We offer an UNBEATABLE, industry-best 2-degree comfort guarantee! If you follow our recommendations you’ll never have more than a 2-degree variance throughout the house. We are that confident.

Find out how you can increase your home comfort in Vancouver, WA with a Ductless Heat Pump from Revival Energy. Don’t spend one more day being uncomfortable. Take us up on our offer for a FREE consultation. You’ll be glad you did!

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Savings can start before you buy.
Find out how our Home Performance audit can help.More Information

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by A Google User on Revival Energy Group

"Fantastic from start to finish! They were helpful, friendly and did a great job installing our ductless heat pump."- Tom O’Leary

by A Google User on Revival Energy Group

"We heard about them through the Energy Trust of Oregon and I can’t speak highly enough of them."- Sarah Rosling

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"Our energy savings has been through the roof. The utility bill went from $300 to $170. WOW!"- A Google User

by Sarah Rosling on Revival Energy Group

"Revival Energy is great to work with. They were always on time and finished our project in the time they promised."- A Google User

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"They gave me a clear bid with plenty of options and no pressure. They got done quickly and they left the house cleaner than when they started."- Kurt Schnmidt

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